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Foodie love blog ♥ Dedicated to documenting all the food I eat...from the most healthy to ridiculously indulgent (and everything in between.) Most of the food pictured is homemade by me but there are occasional reblogs of awesome food photography & recipes I want to try mixed in.

♥ All images are mine unless otherwise noted.

I made a lemon cake for hubstertron last night…had to send it to work with him because I’d eat it all if it stayed here lol. 

Southwestern Black Bean Soup Recipe
homemade salsa…i just made this one up and usually never measure anyway so it’s hard to share a recipe…i’ll measure next time and share because it’s so good!

Dragon Fruit Berry Boat 💕🍓
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Fish Tacos from last week I think? Orange Roughy is the best fish for tacos! We just marinated the fish for about 10 mins in lime juice, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Then bake until done. These were topped with beans, mexican rice, red cabbage, avocado, cumin lime sour cream sauce and sriracha.
What do you do with leftover meatballs? Make mini meatball sammies of course ;)
Best Turkey Meatballs
I made these last night to go with fettuccine alfredo. SO UH-MAZE.

(via Vegan Italian “Shepherd’s” Pie | Fork and Beans)